Articles | Volume 12, issue 7
Research article
12 Jul 2018
Research article |  | 12 Jul 2018

A particle filter scheme for multivariate data assimilation into a point-scale snowpack model in an Alpine environment

Gaia Piazzi, Guillaume Thirel, Lorenzo Campo, and Simone Gabellani

Data sets

A 18-years long (1993–2011) snow and meteorological dataset from a mid-altitude mountain site (Col de Porte, France, 1325 altitude) S. Morin, Y. Lejeune, B. Lesaffre, J.-M. Panel, D. Poncet, P. David, and M. Sudul

WFJ_MOD: Meteorological and snowpack measurements from Weissfluhjoch, Davos, Switzerland WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF

Short summary
The study focuses on the development of a multivariate particle filtering data assimilation scheme into a point-scale snow model. One of the main challenging issues concerns the impoverishment of the particle sample, which is addressed by jointly perturbing meteorological data and model parameters. An additional snow density model is introduced to reduce sensitivity to the availability of snow mass-related observations. In this configuration, the system reveals a satisfying performance.