Articles | Volume 12, issue 5
The Cryosphere, 12, 1643–1649, 2018
The Cryosphere, 12, 1643–1649, 2018

Brief communication 08 May 2018

Brief communication | 08 May 2018

Brief communication: Improved simulation of the present-day Greenland firn layer (1960–2016)

Stefan R. M. Ligtenberg et al.

Data sets

Modelled firn air content and 10 m firn temperature for the Greenland ice sheet (1960-2016) in NetCDF format SRM Ligtenberg, P Kuipers Munneke, Peter, BPY Noël, MR van den Broeke

Short summary
Firn is the transitional product between fresh snow and glacier ice, and a 10-100 m thick layer covers the Greenland ice sheet. It has the capacity to store meltwater and thereby mitigate runoff to the ocean. Using a model and improved atmospheric forcing, we simulate firn density and temperature that agrees well with observations from firn cores. Especially in the regions with substantial melt, and therefore the most sensitive to a warming climate, the results improved significantly.