Articles | Volume 11, issue 4
Research article
25 Jul 2017
Research article |  | 25 Jul 2017

Experimental observation of transient δ18O interaction between snow and advective airflow under various temperature gradient conditions

Pirmin Philipp Ebner, Hans Christian Steen-Larsen, Barbara Stenni, Martin Schneebeli, and Aldo Steinfeld

Data sets

Experiments on stable water isotopes, snow metamorphism, and advection Pirmin P. Ebner and Martin Schneebeli

Short summary
Stable water isotopes (δ18O) obtained from snow and ice samples from polar regions are used to reconstruct past climate variability. We present an experimental study on the effect on the snow isotopic composition by airflow through a snowpack in controlled laboratory conditions. The disequilibrium between snow and vapor isotopes changed the isotopic content of the snow. These measurements suggest that metamorphism and its history affect the snow isotopic composition.