Ice Caves
Editor(s): M. Luetscher, C. Spötl, F. Obleitner, and S. Gruber

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11 Aug 2011
Linkage of cave-ice changes to weather patterns inside and outside the cave Eisriesenwelt (Tennengebirge, Austria)
W. Schöner, G. Weyss, and E. Mursch-Radlgruber
The Cryosphere, 5, 603–616,,, 2011
06 Jun 2011
Glaciochemical investigations of the ice deposit of Vukušić Ice Cave, Velebit Mountain, Croatia
Z. Kern, E. Széles, N. Horvatinčić, I. Fórizs, N. Bočić, and B. Nagy
The Cryosphere, 5, 485–494,,, 2011
13 Apr 2011
Imaging the structure of cave ice by ground-penetrating radar
H. Hausmann and M. Behm
The Cryosphere, 5, 329–340,,, 2011
29 Mar 2011
Isotope hydrological studies of the perennial ice deposit of Saarhalle, Mammuthöhle, Dachstein Mts, Austria
Z. Kern, I. Fórizs, R. Pavuza, M. Molnár, and B. Nagy
The Cryosphere, 5, 291–298,,, 2011
23 Mar 2011
The mass and energy balance of ice within the Eisriesenwelt cave, Austria
F. Obleitner and C. Spötl
The Cryosphere, 5, 245–257,,, 2011
16 Feb 2011
First investigations of an ice core from Eisriesenwelt cave (Austria)
B. May, C. Spötl, D. Wagenbach, Y. Dublyansky, and J. Liebl
The Cryosphere, 5, 81–93,,, 2011
31 Jan 2011
Ice genesis and its long-term mass balance and dynamics in Scărişoara Ice Cave, Romania
A. Perşoiu and A. Pazdur
The Cryosphere, 5, 45–53,,, 2011
30 Nov 2010
Cryogenic and non-cryogenic pool calcites indicating permafrost and non-permafrost periods: a case study from the Herbstlabyrinth-Advent Cave system (Germany)
D. K. Richter, P. Meissner, A. Immenhauser, U. Schulte, and I. Dorsten
The Cryosphere, 4, 501–509,,, 2010
26 Nov 2010
Rapid changes of the ice mass configuration in the dynamic Diablotins ice cave – Fribourg Prealps, Switzerland
S. Morard, M. Bochud, and R. Delaloye
The Cryosphere, 4, 489–500,,, 2010
CC BY 4.0